Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Update: Cinux to jump to version 2.4

One of the great things about Cinux is that it's based on Linux From Scratch and not on any distro. It is not condemned to carry on any changes it's parent - faultily - made, instead there is ultimate freedom. The last update was Cinux 2.2 which was an experimental version running on systemd; it was surprisingly fast, fast enough to beat my previous records: It booted in just under 5 seconds. However, Cinux 2.2 was never released as an image or ISO. Instead, I released the Cinux Toolchain Builder (CTB) which I used to build it.

A couple of weeks ago I remembered about CTB and saw that it was incredibly outdated, so I decided to update it. Half way through the process I realized that it was all manual work and decided to build CTB from the ground up, but now with the name Scratchey. Scratchey, still work in progress, crawls the development version of the Linux From Scratch website, parsing all the packages, commands and instructions and later on downloads the packages, unpacks them and runs the build script of each one; one by one. Future Cinux builds will come from that, if I want to release more often.

I'm releasing today the newer, updated and better working and configured version: 2.4. I consider it an alpha release, since a lot are going to change until the stable version rolls out. Support for 2.4 is, currently, scheduled for the next year (until July 15, 2015) until further notice.

Download Cinux 2.4

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