Sunday, July 7, 2013

Announcing Cinux 2.2 Beta 2

Hey guys,

    I, finally, decided to release a new Beta version of Cinux 2.2 after I made a tone of changes, which I will list one by one.
     First of all, the biggest change you will notice is that the live system will boot and load substantially faster. This happens because I "got rid" of KDE, even though I really-really liked it, until I figure out a solution to the immense memory consumption problem it has. KDE has now been replaced by Xfce.
    Beta 1, with KDE 4, needed a system with 2350MB or more of RAM, which I found to be greatly unreasonable. Other than that KDE ran perfectly well, which is the reason I want to keep on tinkering with it till I find a way around.
NTFS Read/Write on real hardware.
    There are also less useless start-up processes triggered and a brand new kernel configured by me specially for the needs of Cinux: Linux 3.10. The changes mr Torvalds authorized made the kernel, from my viewpoint, a lot faster and reliable.
    Another change I made was, well, mostly a fix. You can now mount, read/write and modify NTFS partitions, while in previous releases the user had to compile his own kernel to support FUSE (Filesystem in User SpacE) and ntfs-3g, which are all included and supported out of the box.

    This sums up all the changes I've "pushed" so far. For the next releases I will try to commence an automated installer and/or the package manager: cinux-get. (Hopefully.)

Download Cinux 2.2 Beta 2

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