Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's up with Cinux?

    Cinux has been a little quite for a while now. Specifically from when Cinux 1.7 (Pandora) was released. To be honest, I had done nothing on Cinux these past 2-3 months. I was mostly all over JetBrowser, trying to implement new features and fix bugs, something at which I succeeded, up to now at least.
    Cinux has turned out to be a nice operating system. Slowly people will be able to rely on it for their every day jobs and activities. At the moment it's just a concept of a specialized open source operating system. It is the best to develop applications on, for any architecture, simply because it provides everything to developers. From libs to APIs, from applications to complex debuggers. Cinux built a name in this field, the field of software development, education and open source and I intend to keep it that way. 
    The team will start to grow and developers have already shown their interest in becoming a part of the only from scratch operating system from Greece (even though I don't live there anymore). This distribution, that has become a part of me, has left the best impressions to even the pickiest people. 
    "This is really fast!", "It runs wonderfully on my computers!", "This is going to be a great distribution!".
    Regarding the next release: I know and I'm fully aware of the fact that I said some time ago that Cinux will be moving to x86_64 (64-bit) platform support only, but there is a big problem. The OS at the moment is a 32-bit distro and It will take a long time before I can even start move development to 64-bits. I'm most certainly not calling it off, I'm just postponing it, there is already a 64-bit version of Cinux but it is very unstable and, believe it or not, I'm not God and I can not work on so many things alone.
    So, between Cinux 1.7 (Pandora) there will be other releases. I don't know how many. Maybe just the one that is coming out in a while. Maybe two or three more relases until the completion of Cinux 2.0 (Prime). This will give me and a potential community some time to form (or reform).
    Cinux 1.7 (Pandora) will be Preceded by Cinux 1.8 (Dusa). I've already made a whole lot of changes and bug fixes. Version 1.8 will be way more stable and rich than 1.7. It already integrates GTK+-3.0, Webkit with Python-Webkit and an application bar richer than the one in Cinux 1.7 (hint: it supports window/application listing). To conclude, I've been trying to get JetBrowser to work on Cinux 1.8 with no success up to this moment, but I'll figure it out. Until JetBrowser works, Firefox Nightly will be its default web browser.
    Bellow you can see some screenshots of what the next release will look like.

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