Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cinux for Wii is dead - Long live Cinux for x86

Some of you might have used an early Wii build available in the Download page. The ones who have used it might feel sad to learn Cinux for Wii is abandoned, and I, the one who developed it, am creating an x86 (32-bit) embedded version of Cinux.

You might be asking, why did I abandon Cinux for Wii to create x86 builds. The answer is as simple as the developers of the wii kernel ports abandoning the project. On the Wiibrew wiki page for Wii-linux, a message is posted, which states the following:

DEAR PEOPLE FROM THE FUTURE: Wii Linux is several years old (last release in late-2009) and is no longer actively maintained. In recent times, there's been newer alternative hardware platforms released that cover what people used to use Wii Linux for, eg the Raspberry Pi computer. By all means people should play around with Wii Linux still, but consider if you want to use an unmaintained, buggy Linux port for the powerpc-based Wii or the well-supported linux distributions and large community of the ARM-based Raspberry Pi (hardware that has comparable graphical processing power to a Wii)
That said, don't be discouraged from having a play with Wii Linux if you already own a Wii. It's great fun! END TRANSMISSION

Why port Cinux on a platform which is no longer supported by the custom kernel used creators?

Now, about the x86 builds, I have not reached as far as the x86_64 cinux builds (no GUI, just CLI), but expect the x86 version to be MUCH smaller, as it is mostly targeted to embedded linux developers and users.  Expect screenshots and an early build to be available soon. 

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