Monday, April 8, 2013

Cinux will be updated... Soon...

    With all that is happening: life, work, school, it is hard for me to keep up with everything the project. Also,  technology is being renewed (probably) every second, something that makes my job even harder. However, Cinux is moving very fast towards its 1000th build bringing more and more improvements and stability to an, already, secure and reliable system.

    Servers and virtual machines are some things I am very much interested in, and people, users or people simply interested in Cinux have requested a lot of times that there should be a server version along with a version exclusively for/on a virtual machine.

    The volume of flexibility that Cinux provides is what makes it "appealing," or "downloadable" by internet viewers. Already, Cinux has more than 720 monthly worldwide searches from Google only (and about a quarter of that from other search engines) and several sites that link directly to it. 

Better late than not at all     By flexibility we mean that, since this operating system is based only on Linux and on nothing else, unlike several Linux distributions that are only Ubuntu/Debian or Arch Linux clones. Cinux was built from scratch, meaning that each piece was specially chosen to serve in this OS. 

    On Cinux, even though you have a package manager, Cinux-Get, you don't really need to stick to it, because you can simply download the source code of the package manager you want and install that one instead. Cinux is already Ubuntu/Debian compatible by, almost, 95% and it comes bundled with Dpkg, for your convenience.

    So, if you are thinking that this project is dead, or at least close to that fate, simply because you don't see much activity, you are... wrong. And here is why I'm saying this: About a year and a half ago I stated that I wanted to move a lot of Cinux's computing volume onto the cloud, a cloud especially for Cinux. Of course, after I said that Jolicloud came along and then, after creating my own browser-based environment for Cinux, Chrome OS came along. But, JetCloud is on its way... A year later.

    The picture you see on the right of the screen was part of the "Are you ready?" campaign for the cloud side of Cinux and Cinux itself.

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