Monday, April 8, 2013

Bye-bye JetBrowser, welcome Black Wren

    After a while and a lot of research I made some minor changes to JetBrowser for Linux. The current version now is 7.8 and you can always retrieve it if you click on "Check for updates."
I'm now working on addins and bookmarks.
    However, JetBrowser is going to change its name to Black Wren, after being bullied by a company that believes they own the name, or as they claim themselves "We purchased the project..." Well, as long as I am sane I will always remember that nobody purchased the project from me.
    To make a long story short, all the versions will transferred and endorsed by the new project which is nothing but a continuation of the old one with, simply, a different name. The links are provided bellow so you can all link to the (continued) project:
I changed the name of this project because I wanted to protect its integrity
    Away from that, for those who were not aware, the license was change, a long time ago, to the GNU GPL license, to make it easier for people to contribute, play with and learn from its code. So, if you do want to contribute to this project, just send us a mail. We dig people that like to help. And this is all there is, for now.
    For more news, how tos and hacking tips, visit this page again in the future.

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