Tuesday, February 12, 2013

After a Long Time

    I haven't written anything in a while and I feel a little bad, since we have done a lot to make this operating system better and more appealing to people. However, work and school have been slowing me down a lot; And that's the reason I decided to make an effort to grow the development team: I welcome, officially, Tony, John and Dimitri.
    Well, as of this moment, I am trying to get rid of the rusty and old 1.7/1.8 based systems and move to a newly created system with a newer base-system which gives better performance and only supports x86_64 (x64) for desktop computers. So, soon you will have a brand new system which will support x86_64, ARM and PowerPC computers. The ARM version, for the Raspberry Pi is already available (Go to the Download page) and we're still experimenting with the x86_64 version and specifically the kernel (Currently Linux-3.7.5). Sometime at the end of the month, hopefully earlier, we will have a live CD ready for you to download and play with, as it will feature all the goodies, Fluxbox (just for now and only for the x86_64) and  a brand new, wait for it, package manager!

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