Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Technologies

    If we take a look at all operating systems (not the Linux ones) we will notice that they all take a "jump" at some point of their lifetime. Windows took that jump with the NT (New Technology) kernel, OS X with its user friendly environment and so and so on.
    Though, each operating system has it's advantages and disadvantages, as well. I will not go on to list them for all, however, I will express my thoughts on this field and about Linux.

    As you all (might) know, Cinux is a Linux based operating system, created completely from scratch. Each package was selected specially in order to form what we call Cinux today. A secure, fast and reliable system. For some reason though, I'm starting to get sick of Linux. It's because of everything going on right now but, in addition, the fact that it is becoming a commercial system or, if you think it better suits it, an OS mostly suited for servers.
    I am having a really hard time comprehending the reason why the Linux Foundation developers are "throwing" themselves mostly to that direction but, even if I figured out the reason, I wouldn't be able to make a difference. So, this was what made me reconsider things and make me want to "jump" to a new technology. I've had many ideas and I'd like to share them with you, with whoever are actually "fans".
    My first "solution" was forking a project and continuing from there on by myself. Which projects? Not Linux, that for sure. I'm talking about ReactOS or Haiku or both. Both of them are really nice projects and more liberal, license-wise, than Linux, especially Haiku. And the good thing about this is that whenever I think about a transition like this I hear an echo in my mind: "Why not?"
    First time I do not look back. First time I do not think: "Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea". It's a good way to become unique.

However, I still don't know exactly what I want to do with Cinux.
Cinux based on ReactOS.


  1. Considering your words I understand you want to leave and go to another Linux kernel.

    Well, I'll give my opinion:

    I think Linux is not as commercial as it looks, because if he gets to be the same as the Windows or Mac in commercial terms then emerge other system. Because Linux has come so far because of the community, for people like you who develops and shares for others too share.

    Using Linux is not a matter of "bigotry." It really is necessary to have "fanaticism" for something in this life, and Windows only grown because of it, at first had a fanaticism around it, still exists today. MacOS anyway, besides the impeccable design exists primarily fanaticism. When MacOS become as popular as Windows then this fanaticism will decrease.

    But he consider the following, the main NGOs in the world recisam money to survive, and they need the commercial sector to ensure their finances, this is natural in a capitalist world. A good example of what I'm talking about is the Usenet, a network it is "private" we need to pay to maintain access and enjoy the great things that do not have the internet. Then compare with the torrent, is a public network (I know it's just a protocol), but is public and what happens? How is something medium without control then there is something so confident and is currently being overwhelmed, the torrents "private" living donations are fine, but the public has a completely different spirit.

    I think this also happens in the Linux world, the distro that are organized to unite in support of Linux manage to stay in the market. So to make Linux a desktop system as popular as the Windows one must be "fanatics" then we have, you need to advertise? So we will. What matters is that Linux is entering a market that has always had a single owner, MS, and remains free, yes. Look what happened with Openoffice a few years ago. Today we have several options for office, free and free. The same will happen if one day someone trying to privatize Linux, the "fanatics" like you = P will make a new project and continue Free. See, is not fanaticism, is fighting for what we built, is like rooting for a team and we are the players on the field and we know we can win.

    I think Linux is now out of the MS say "you won again."

    These other projects are awesome too, but to get all packages and applications that Linux has today will be very difficult. Easiest is to keep Linux and not caring about the news that arise because 'that MS is doing just that, confused the "Linux team players" to win the game.

    I love your project, I hope Cinux is always in supporting Linux and x64 = P. .. Congrats.

    1. Your comment moved me =D And especially the very last sentence. I am really glad that there are people that like this project and support it. Thanks =D

      Note: I'm working on version 1.8 right now.

  2. I really look forward to giving 1.8 a try ^_^ good luck and please don't forget that we're behind you and your efforts.