Sunday, July 15, 2012

JetBrowser: New updated version.

  After one and a half month of inactivity I decided to get my hands on JetBrowser again.
First of all I decided to start working on a new logo, I think the one that Already represent's the Browser is not suitable or better, efficient. Away from that, I fixed a lot of bugs and added a lot of features and modules. Now, the user can effectively open a page in a new window, a new tab or even download the file(s) linked to a hyperlink that the user preformed a right click on.
The downloading process is, for now, attached to the main process but it will be de-attached in the next release (hopefully) like the Inspect Element function. I added Enyo-js to the core of the web browser so that the users-community can easily make apps for the browser. In JetBrowser 6.0.425 the new tab will open DuckDuck go no longer but a page where there are listed apps and websites that the user can open. In a future release the user may be able to add pages and apps to that page.
  The new release will be free for everyone to explore and play with. The users can also tinker with the source code and make modifications and submit them to the project!
  Bellow you can see some screenshots from JetBrowser 6.0.425. Enjoy the new release!

 1. The first page the user sees when he starts JetBrowser.

 2. Search for videos just by using the address bar and search for "video:"

3. This is the page the user sees when he opens a new tab, just like the new tab function
 of Google Chrome.

4. The new/fixed right click function of JetBrowser.

5 & 6. The "Save link" function downloads any file that is linked to a hyperlink.

7. The "About" window: To be fixed.

8. Just like 2. but for music.

9. Just like 2. but for movies.

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