Saturday, April 28, 2012

JetBrowser has been released!

JetBrowser is a web browser project I had started years ago for Windows and Windows Phone. It's goal was to provide the user a social, secure and easy to use environment that was lightweight. It provided attached Facebook and Twitter and e-mail clients so the users could have the chance to share links, pictures, and even update their statuses without having to visit the pages but, simply by clicking on a single button. It even had supported automatic updates, bug submission and statistics submission. The best feature was probably the "JetBrowser Market", from where users could download not only plugins, but also the "JetBrowser SDK" with which they could develop plugins and later on submit them!

The project reached the peek of it's popularity in March of 2011, with more than 500 installations/uses around the globe and more than 1100 throughout it's lifespan. However, after some time, the project was completely dropped due to technical difficulties. The Windows Phone client never even reached the Marketplace.

At that time, Cinux 0.3 was released so the project ended up being inactive for more that a year. Right before I dropped the Windows version I announced that I would be developing a version of the browser exclusively for Linux systems. So, here we are today, with JetBrowser 6.0c. A lightweight web browser written in C, Python and a little Bash providing anonymity, security and a fast environment to it's users. It also provides goodies for web developers, since it's based on the WebKit web platform.

JetBrowser 6 will replace Firefox on Cinux but, it's a browser targeted to all Linux distributions. Therefore, for now, it won't be provided as a package. This will have to change in the future though. If you want to use it, simply extract the downloaded archive to some directory and hit "sudo ./install" and that's about it!

You can download JetBrowser 6 now if you click on the tab "JetBrowser" above.


  1. I got this funny error while installing it on fedora Kde:

    Welcome infidel.
    Opening the web browser.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/opt/webarena/webarena", line 21, in
    import webkit
    ImportError: No module named webkit

    1. Hey. In order to run JetBrowser you need to have Python-Webkit installed. You can do that by issuing "yum install WebKit-gtk pywebkitgtk" in your terminal. Let me know how if it works.

    2. I have done this error is still happening.
      The infidel part in the error is rather funny.

    3. Hehe, it's something to make you laugh when you are working too many hours on something. When you get the error "ImportError: No module named webkit" it means that the python binding package for webkit hasn't been installed. Which distribution are you testing it on?

    4. Fedora 16 kde. It seems to be a known issue